12 Days of Christmas at Chesterfield Kennel

Christmas cat and dog

Season’s Greetings!

With the holidays quickly approaching, we at Chesterfield are planning our own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas (in this case, the 12 days leading up to Christmas!)

Beginning December 13 through December 24, we will enter the name of each guest in our kennel for that day and pick a winner, and it doesn’t even matter if they’re naughty or nice!

The prizes? It may be something edible, something fun to play with, something useful. It’s a surprise — no peeking! (or sniffing!)

Watch for pics of the holiday winners beginning next week. We will be announcing contest winners on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us there.

Ho, ho, ho!

Sue & Craig

Chesterfield Boarding Kennel


Day 1:

And the winner is….Clif!

So kicking off Day 1 of our 12 Days of Christmas drawings is Clif, a handsome Kerry Blue Terrier, who has lots of spunk and personality, the perfect recipient for the Spotlit gadget. This LED light will attach to his collar and come in handy for all those dark winter morning or evening walks (or just to spot him frolicking in the yard!) Move over, Rudolph, the spot is on Clif!

Day 2

And the winner is…Tula!

Tula, a super sweet chocolate Lab, is the lucky winner for Day 2 of our “12 Days” drawing. Like most Labs, she is happiest carrying something in her mouth, and her new Kong Air Dog toy will fit the bill. Not only is it great for retrieving, but it squeaks and FLOATS! So, knowing Tula spends time swimming in a northern Wisconsin lake, she will enjoy this toy year-round!

Day 3

And the winner is…Goldie!

Aptly named, Goldie is a loving and gentle Golden Doodle with a heart of gold. Her sunny (and snuggly) personality is a stark contrast to the frigid cold we are experiencing outdoors today, making it an easy choice to sit inside with her and dole out the TLC. This sweetHEART will be taking home a plush squeaky toy with (of course!) a heart logo stitched right onto it.

Day 4:

And today’s winner is…Goose!

Goose, a dapper, good-natured beagle, is the winner of Day 4 of our “12 Days” drawing. With Christmas quickly approaching, Goose has gotten in the spirit and become our resident “caroler.” He is enthusiastic about trying to strike a ‘chord’ with any neighbor who may want to join in! He IS a beagle, after all. An amicable little fellow, Goose likes to be occupied, so a Holee-Roller ball makes a great gift (and it’s even better with an edible treat stuffed inside!)

Day 5

And the winner is…Bubba!

Definitely NOT the neighborhood “bad boy!” This Bubba is quite different from what his name may conjure up. German shorthairs are known to be friendly, smart, eager to please, and have plenty (did I say plenty?) of energy, and maybe not necessarily one to sleep in. Well, Bubba is all of those things, but he DOES know how to relax and when to put it in high gear. His temperament is quite perfect for this sporting breed!

We’re sending him home with his own bouncy, squeaky, chewy Kong football…for those moments when he wants to put it in high gear.

Day 6

And the winner is…Mithu!

Mithu (means sweet!) is a yellow Labrador retriever who is always ready for some kind of action. It’s like he is waiting for the LET’S GO signal. He’s got a good nose, that’s for sure. But does he hunt? No. In fact, I’m certain he prefers the couch over the fields of North Dakota. But does he WANT to hunt? Well…maybe. When Mithu was given his new pheasant toy, Quacker (complete with a crackly water bottle inside), his hardwired hunting skills kicked in.

I realize Quacker doesn’t stand a chance with this Lab on the loose, but Mithu will be sure to enjoy hunting up his very first pheasant from the comforts of home.

Day 7

And the winner is…Nelly!

Meet Nelly, the Labradoodle. At just five months, she is calm and secure, smart and engaging. But wait, what’s that white stuff??!! It’s her first Wisconsin winter and she’s LOVING it! Everything is fun!

She already has great manners. And to continue to reinforce that good behavior, she’s taking home an Olly Dog belted treat bag with some yummy artisan treats. Because sometimes it’s okay to get a treat just ‘cuz you’re cute!

Day 8

And the winner is…Rory!

Meet Rory, all decked out with our holiday wreath. He’s a dog who truly enjoys life. One hundred percent effort goes into everything he does (110% if there were such a thing!). Whether socializing, enjoying a good meal, taking time for photo ops — he sets the bar high. And he’s not shy about getting your attention if you dare pass his pen without telling him he’s a good boy!

He’s taking home a bright green Clutch ball (something that won’t require too much effort to find in the snow!)

Day 9

And the winner is…Jon!

Black cats are shrouded in mystery, superstitions, bad luck.

Meet Jon, the “mysterious” black cat. This affectionate little guy DOES possess superpowers. He has the uncanny ability to completely and totally mesmerize and control the human mind! Enter at your own risk – you just may want a black cat of your own!

He’ll be sure to work his magic on this colorful Fat Cat “Eeeks” toy filled with catnip.

Day 10

And the winner is…Lambeau!

Lambeau is a Jack Russell mix with lots of spunk and personality all wrapped up into one small package. As his name implies, I’m sure he enjoys a good Packer game with his humans and sits pretty for a tasty snack.

We’ve been told he recently had his first dental cleaning. And if dogs are like people, a visit to the dentist doesn’t rank high on the fun meter! So to keep his smile in check and help him stay out of the “dental chair,” he’s going home with a bag of Greenies (not quite aged Wisconsin cheddar but tasty nonetheless!)

Day 11

And the winner is…Flaubert!

What’s not to love about a basset hound?! Meet our little Frenchman, Flaubert (‘Bear), more athletic and robust than most Bassets. His keen sense of smell keeps him busy looking for who-knows-what. Nobody knows what the Nose knows! He’s sociable and friendly, likes to “scold” his playmates on occasion, and enjoys nothing more than a good meal and a soft, comfy bed at day’s end.

His prize is a bag of Smokehouse chicken strips. Don’t worry, if these treats get stashed in the cupboard, his inner GPS will easily locate them!

Day 12

And the winner of our 12th and final day is…Spidey!

Say hello to Spidey, small in stature, large in spirit. It’s the Chihuahua in him – ‘nuf said! Nothing goes unnoticed with Spidey on the watch. He’s fiercely loyal to his “sidekick” Sheldon and takes great pride in protecting their room at the inn. He’s spunky, loving, and does pretty much anything for a treat.

He’s taking home a bag of NutriSource chicken bites. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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