Exercise and playtime is not an option — it’s included!

For some pets, being away from home can unnecessarily cause anxiety and stress. Many factors common to boarding may contribute to anxiety in a new boarder: a new environment, unfamiliar people, change in diet, disrupted sleep patterns, new sounds, etc.

We strive to maintain a happy and healthy pet. We accomplish this by taking the time to become familiar with each pet in our care, using information provided by owners as a baseline to better understand a pet’s behavior.

We also feel strongly that ALL pets be given adequate exercise and outdoor time, so much so that we include this service as part of our daily boarding rate. We find this makes a more relaxed and content pet at day’s end.

We have a 3/4-acre grassy play yard in which pets are rotated either singly or in small groups throughout the day. This not only proves to be a highlight for most of our younger or more sociable boarders, but older dogs and shy dogs also benefit greatly from a casual romp outdoors. This outdoor time is also a great way for us to earn a dog’s trust. Dogs that are not amicable with others are exercised individually and given one-on-one attention from our staff. Those of you with “social” pets will find out why your dog wants to come back!

Cats are let out individually throughout the day to enjoy the use of our cat trees and perches and to receive one-on-one pampering from our staff.

Reggie and Carmen love going to Chesterfield.  When we round the corner they get excited and know where they are going, and they about plow us over jumping out of the car when we arrive there.  Craig and Sue treat our dogs as their own and go out of their way to make them comfortable and loved.  I don’t worry when we are away — I know they are in great hands!

Lynn A
Lynn A